Lyxor ETF

Lyxor Asset Management, your European asset management partner, with expertise in all investment styles and a ability to create innovative solutions to address the challenges of the future.

A European partner with expertise in all management styles

Through an agile combination of our passive, active and alternative management styles, we cover the whole liquidity spectrum and adapt to our clients' needs whatever their financial constraints by offering the best combination of long-term performance and rigorous risk management.

Regularly acknowledged by the industry and the academic world, our research is central to the way we manage our clients’ assets. It is based on two recognised strengths:

  • Our quantitative research, which enables us to develop robust proprietary investment models and underpins our excellent track record in risk management, while providing a tool for finding new sources of performance for investors.
  • Our macroeconomic research which promotes an in-depth understanding of the environment and its challenges in order to optimise our allocation strategies and develop reliable, innovative investment solutions in each of Lyxor's fields of expertise.

Creating innovative solutions to address  the challenges of the future
We are aware of the expectations that individual and collective savers have with regard to their financial partners, insurers, bankers, and pension funds: long-term performance and risk control tailored to suit their situation and profile. This poses a challenge to all savings professionals in light of uncertainties with regard to growth, inflation, interest rates, financial markets fluctuations and increasing regulatory constraints.

Conscious of these challenges for the future and relying on our engineering tradition, we are able to innovate in order to develop tailored and transparent solutions for our clients – public and private institutions as well as financial intermediaries – that will help them meet their commitments to their savers. Our truly customised solutions combine, if needed, all management styles – active, passive and alternative – and all types of solutions from ETFs to multi-management, in line with our clients' investment objectives.

Find out more about Lyxor in the Netherlands: http://www.lyxoretf.nl/netherlands